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RUSS Peepers Shelley Turtle I 6" (15cm) I Soft Plush I Surface washable 3RSI-23085

Shelly Lil' Peeper Sea Turtle by Russ is definitely a land turtle, because she spends all of her time on dry land as plush. Shelly's body is yellow and her soft shell is brown. She has big, green droopy eyes that seep love and adoration. If you know a child who loves turtles, then introduce her or him to Shelly!

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Key Features:

SHELLY Russ Lil Peepers Turtle 6" (15cm).  Shelly classic has huge adoring liquid green eyes, she is made from soft "caress" plush fabric in golden brown with a darker shell.  This is the classic adorable version of the little turtle that became a worldwide sensation.
bean bag plush Turtle 
Soft Plush 
Yellow and Brown 


Size: 18x28.5x18cm
Weight: 0.50kg


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