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Russ Yomiko Mommy & Baby Tiger I 12.5" long I safe and surface washable I very soft plush 3RSI-39785

Tiger plush toy, Mother and Baby is seriously cute. Designed by Russ as part of their high quality, delightfully detailed Yomiko Classics range, Tiger Mother and baby are made from caress, very soft plush.

P999.75 Qty:

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Key Features:
This beanbag is made of new PVC pellets that are placed in an inner bag to prevent any leakage if a seem was torn apart or split. Each piece is x-rayed to ensure no foreign or sharp objects are inside. Baby is tacked (stitched) in spots to the Mom, but can easily be separated with scissors if desired. Baby safe and surface washable.


Size: 18x30x18cm
Weight: 1.0kg


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