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Carlton STR XCELERATE X67 Badminton String | Coated with Titanium Membrane

Features dual core technology which employs 2 central cores to fortify the string whilst maintaining reactive energy through a multi-filament outer wrap. A texturised outer skin allows essential grip on shuttle for increased control.

P330.00 Qty:

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Key Features:
Engineered scientifically to delivered unsurpassed performance using a multifilament core and spherical shaped multifilament braided outer wrap for advanced powerful playability. Coated with titanium membrane for enhanced durability.
Key Specification:
  • Core: Special Synthetic Multifilament
  • Outer: Special at braided Synthetic Fiber
Item Code:  CLT-ST1011
  • Size: 19x1x12cm
  • Weight: 1.0kg.








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