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Epoch - Sylvanian Families Golden Labrador Family Toys

Meet the Golden Labrador Family Set.Includes Father Jerry Barker, Mother Margo Barker, Brother Tarquin Barker and Sister Jocasta Barker. 4 piece family set: Father, Mother, Brother and Sister

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FATHER Jerry Barker is the tour guide of Sylvania. He takes visitors to all the points of interest around Sylvania and regales them with information about buildings and their origins, historical events and old customs.

MOTHER Margo Barker runs the well organised Tourist Information Office. The walls of Margo's office are full of posters and maps and she has leaflets full of details about everything that is happening in Sylvania.

BROTHER Tarquin Barker does everything at a sedate pace, he never runs or rushes around. If he could, he would spend all day, every day reading a book in front of the warm open fire in the family front room.

SISTER Jocasta Barker, unlike her brother is full of energy, rushing hither and thither like a mad thing. Give her a ball and she will play for hours in the garden even if there is no one else to play ball with!

Key Features:

Sylvanian Families Golden Labrador Family                       
Mummy and Daddy stand about 6cm high
Movable limbs and heads
Dressed in removable fabric clothing
Good for stimulating imaginative role-play in children
Item Code: 4160


Size: 15.24x3.81x10.16cm
Weight: 0.75kg 

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